Technical Integration

1. How do I integrate Paygol on my platform?

For information on how to integrate Paygol on your platform please visit our Developers section.

2. How can I perform test payments before going live?

At the top of your Dashboard you will be able to change your account to Test mode. Please note that Test mode only works with our basic implementation (payment screen), not with our advanced/API implementation. In Test mode you will be able to simulate successful payments, including payment notifications to your platform (IPN).

5. Why doesn’t my IPN file work if I try to access it through a web browser?

Some ready-to-use IPN files may have safety measures to make sure that the payment notification actually comes from Paygol. In these cases, trying to access the file on your browser will cause an error. If you need to test notifications, we strongly suggest that you use a Paygol payment button and set your account to Test mode.