1. Why should I add Paygol as a payment option?

Our platform is widely recognized for its features and ease of use. Worldwide coverage with multiple languages and currencies means that your potential customer base is dramatically increased. Our support team is ready to help you make the most out of our services.

12. Why is my ticket “Closed”?

Tickets will automatically change to “Closed” status after each reply from us, this is just to keep things organized and does not mean we have forgotten about your case. If you need to, just send a reply and it will be opened again, there is no need to create a new ticket.

10. Why did I get a chargeback?

This can happen in a number of situations, such as your customer not receiving the product or not being happy with it. It’s also possible for chargebacks to be issued due to fraud reports or suspicion, among other reasons. In order to reduce chargebacks to a minimum, please be sure to deliver the products promptly and keep good communications with your customers.