2. How can I apply for payment methods?

At the “Payment methods” section of your dashboard you will be able to apply for new payment methods. After your request, our approvals team will check if your account is compliant with the specific requirements of the payment method requested. The approval process usually takes less than 24 working hours, except for paysafecard which may take up to 7 working days.

3. How can I get approved for paysafecard payments?

Paysafecard policies are very strict. We recommend that your website complies with the following guidelines:

1. In the case of online games, you are licensed to sell products/services.

2. In the case of online games, an existing userbase (ideally with live server information, such as online players).

3. You have a clear and defined shop with visible products/services and prices.

4. A shop model. This means that the products/services being offered must be clearly defined as purchases. Any occurrence of the word “donation” in your website will lead to an automatic rejection.

5. An imprint ( a page such as “Terms of Service”, “Contact Us”, “About us”, etc. containing legal information about you and your website).

6. A real, standalone domain. paysafecard will not approve website links based on blogs, social media sites, or just an IP with no domain name.

5. How do I keep track of the payments I receive?

You can check your latest transactions and also search for specific ones at the “Reports” section of your Dashboard.

Transaction Status Definitions

Completed-Consumer completed the payment process successfully and your account has been credited.
Created-Consumer never completed the payment process, or the payment has not yet been registered by the payment method provider.
Failed-Consumer attempted a payment but the payment method provider did not accept the payment.
Rejected-Paygol has rejected the payment, likely due to a notification from the payment method provider.