3. How can I get approved for paysafecard payments?

Paysafecard policies are very strict. We recommend that your website complies with the following guidelines:

1. In the case of online games, you are licensed to sell products/services.

2. In the case of online games, an existing userbase (ideally with live server information, such as online players).

3. You have a clear and defined shop with visible products/services and prices.

4. A shop model. This means that the products/services being offered must be clearly defined as purchases. Any occurrence of the word “donation” in your website will lead to an automatic rejection.

5. An imprint ( a page such as “Terms of Service”, “Contact Us”, “About us”, etc. containing legal information about you and your website).

6. A real, standalone domain. paysafecard will not approve website links based on blogs, social media sites, or just an IP with no domain name.