F.A.Q. Merchants

Why should I add Paygol as a payment option?

Our platform is widely recognized for its features and ease of use. Worldwide coverage with multiple languages and currencies means that your potential customer base is dramatically increased. Our support team is ready to help you make the most out of our services.

How can I contact Paygol’s staff?

We strongly suggest that you contact us through our support tickets platform, as this will ensure that your question is forwarded to the right department for your particular inquiry. If you don’t have a Paygol account, you can write to [email protected]

Do my customers need an account with Paygol?

Your customers don’t need to have an account to pay through our platform.

I don’t remember my Paygol account password, how can I recover it?

To reset your password please click here.

Should I update my information to reflect recent changes?

Yes, please keep your personal and business information updated. This will allow us to accurately assess any situation or problem that may arise when you are using our system.

How can I update information that appears “locked” in my profile?

Some fields have been blocked to protect your data from unauthorized changes, please write us a ticket with the information that you want to change and we will gladly update your profile.

Can I have more than one account?

You can have as many accounts as you need, as long as they are for legitimate reasons. Remember that each Paygol account can only be configured with one specific IPN URL.

How can I know if I have pending messages from Paygol’s staff?

You will see a notification icon at the top of your screen if you have any unread messages, which can be accessed through the “Tickets” section of your dashboard. You will also receive a notification email each time you have a new message from us.

How can I create a support ticket?

You can create a new support ticket at the “Tickets” section of your dashboard.

Why is my ticket “Closed”?

Tickets will automatically change to “Closed” status after each reply from us, this is just to keep things organized and does not mean we have forgotten about your case. If you need to, just send a reply and it will be opened again, there is no need to create a new ticket.

Why is my account restricted?

If your account shows suspicious behavior, you use offensive language, don’t cooperate with our support team and/or abuse the Paygol platform (including the tickets system) in any way, we may restrict your account’s functionality to a varying degree, from simply restricting the ability to receive payments up to a complete account suspension.

Can I delete my account?

Sure, just create a new support ticket telling us your reasons for removal and we will do it for you. Please note that, due to safety reasons, we only accept this kind of requests through our support tickets platform.

Which payment methods does Paygol offer?

Please check all of our payment methods and coverage for each one of them here.

How can I apply for payment methods?

At the “Payment methods” section of your dashboard you will be able to apply for new payment methods. After your request, our Compliance Department will check if your account is compliant with the specific requirements of the payment method requested. The approval process usually takes less than 24 working hours, except for paysafecard which may take up to 7 working days.

How can I get approved for paysafecard payments?

Paysafecard policies are very strict. We recommend that your website complies with the following guidelines:

  • In the case of online games, you must be licensed to sell products/services.
  • In the case of online games, you should have an existing user base (ideally with live server information, such as online players).
  • Your website must have a clear and defined shop with visible products/services and prices.
  • Your website must have an imprint ( a page such as “Terms of Service”, “Contact Us”, “About us”, etc. containing legal information about you and your website).
  • Paysafecard will not approve website links based on blogs, social media sites, or just an IP with no domain name.

How do I know if I received a payment from my customers?

If you provided a notification email address when setting up your service, you will get a notification each time you receive a new payment from your customers.

How do I keep track of the payments I receive?

You can check your latest transactions and also search for specific ones at the “Reports” section of your Dashboard.

How much will I be charged for each payment I receive?

Fees are only applied to successful transactions. You can see transaction fees at your dashboard.

How much will I be charged for each payout?

All payouts will have a flat fee. An additional percentage fee will be applied to online wallet payouts. This percentage fee directly corresponds to the fees charged by that particular online wallet service.

Which payout methods are available?

Provided that you are eligible for payouts; Paygol will process them via bank transfer or another form of online wallet transfer (these options can be found inside your Paygol panel).

Is there any kind of reserve?

No, we will pay you all the available funds at the moment of requesting a payout, however we reserve the right to withhold such funds for up to 180 days, if you stop using our services or/and we see transactions that might be subject to chargebacks in the future.

How can I request a payout?

You can request a new payout at any time, as long as the amount of your withdrawable balance is equal to or higher than the minimum payout amount.
Please note that payout requests can take a maximum of 7 working days to be issued.

What is the difference between estimated and withdrawable amounts in my balance?

All of our payment methods have a waiting period before funds become withdrawable. The waiting period is calculated individually for each transaction from the moment it is completed. In your balance, the estimated amount does not consider the waiting period in the calculation, while the withdrawable amount does. Information about waiting periods can be found at your dashboard.

How long does it take for my payout to be issued after I request it?

Your payout can take up to 7 business days to be issued after you request it. Even though we can’t guarantee a shorter payout time due to the multiple factors involved, the actual waiting time in most cases is 4 working days or less.

What are the IBAN and SWIFT/BIC codes?

The SWIFT/BIC code is a bank identifier used when transferring money between banks, particularly for international wire transfers. Each bank has its own code, you can look for it on your bank’s website or ask them directly.

The IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is used to identify a bank account internationally. In countries supporting IBAN (such as most european countries) each bank account should have an IBAN assigned to it.

For us to be able to issue a payout by bank transfer, both the IBAN/bank account and the SWIFT/BIC code of the bank must be provided.

What if I can not reach the minimum payout amount?

You will only be able to request a payout if the withdrawable amount is equal to or higher than the minimum payout amount, it’s not possible for us to issue payouts lower than that.

Why has my balance decreased?

Under some specific circumstances your balance may vary, in most cases this means that a chargeback has been issued.

Why did I get a chargeback?

This can happen in a number of situations, such as your customer not receiving the product or not being happy with it. It’s also possible for chargebacks to be issued due to fraud reports or suspicion, among other reasons. In order to reduce the chances of chargebacks, please be sure to deliver the products promptly and maintain communication with your customers.

If I ask you to delete my account, can I get a last payout first?

While your account is still active, you will be able to request payouts as usual as long as your withdrawable amount is equal to or higher than the minimum payout amount. Remaining unpaid balances can not be paid out after an account is deleted.

How do I integrate Paygol on my platform?

For information on how to integrate Paygol on your platform please visit our Developers section.

How can I perform test payments before going live?

At the top of your Dashboard you will be able to change your account to Test mode. Please note that Test mode only works with our basic implementation (payment screen), not with our advanced/API implementation. In Test mode you will be able to simulate successful payments, including payment notifications to your platform (IPN).

Can I insert payment buttons in multiple web pages?

Yes, you can do this as long as the pages are on the same website. Due to compliance reasons, if you have multiple websites you will need to request the creation of a new Paygol account for each one.

Can I replace the payment button’s image?

Sure, just replace the image URL with your own.

Why doesn’t my IPN file work if I try to access it through a web browser?

Some ready-to-use IPN files may have safety measures to make sure that the payment notification actually comes from Paygol. In these cases, trying to access the file on your browser will cause an error. If you need to test notifications, we strongly suggest that you use a Paygol payment button and set your account to Test mode.